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Bids are now closed for three land lots located at Crystal Heights, St. James. Crystal Heights is a predominantly residential development located east of Warrens, within a short distance of the shopping, dining and office facilities located at Warrens and Welches. 


Crystal Heights Main Plot Plan

LOT 236 is an irregularly shaped lot consisting of 14,510 (net) square feet of land that slopes steeply into an adjacent drainage reserve - $12.00 per square foot O.N.O. 


LOT 238 is an irregularly shaped gently sloping plot of land located in a corner of the development and comprising of 12,689 (net) square feet - $16.00 per square foot O.N.O. 


LOT 276 is a triangular shaped, flat corner lot of 19,216 (net) square feet - $16.00 per square foot O.N.O.  


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