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Government of Barbados Bonds

Government of Barbados 15-year bonds have been issued to settle liabilities to policyholders as follows:

- Former holders of Executive Flexible Premium Annuity policies – full settlement

- Policyholders who surrendered policies – full settlement

- Owners of Individual Annuity policies with more than four years to maturity – full settlement

- All other policyholders – settlement for amounts greater than $20,000.00

The bonds allocated to ResLife are Series B bonds which were previously issued as part of the domestic debt restructure during 2018 and a specially designed Series I bond which was structured to provided immediate cashflows for specific categories of policyholders.

The Central Bank of Barbados acts as the issuing agent on behalf of the Government of Barbados and as such, will make the periodic interest and principal payments to bondholders.

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  • Series B Bonds
  • Series I Bonds
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