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Tamara Allman

Chief Human Resources Officer

Mrs. Allman graduated from the University of the West Indies in 2007 having attained a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies. Her subsequent career focused on Inventory & Warehouse Management in various industries including Retail and Manufacturing. During this period, she developed a passion in Labour & Employment relations. In pursuit of this new career goal she enrolled at the University of the West Indies and successfully completed her studies and attained her Masters in Labour & Employment Relations.

She has over eight years’ experience in mid-size to large organisations providing guidance and leadership to directors and senior management on employee relations whilst creating systems to improve related human resource activities.

As the Chief Human Resources Officer, Mrs. Allman is responsible for the effective management of the human resource functions of the organisation including policy development, recruitment, training, compensation & benefits and health & safety. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in employment relations.

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