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About ResLife

Resolution Life Assurance Company Ltd (ResLife) is a Barbadian life insurance company that provides affordable and secure financial products and services.

ResLife is fully committed to our core values of integrity, transparency and trustworthiness to achieve our mission of providing value and confidence. We demonstrate this commitment through our responsiveness, customer focus and operational efficiency all of which ensure that we can anticipate and quickly respond to the needs of our policy holders.

Now that we manage your policy, we will ensure that we engage you as we provide you and your family with financial security for the future.

Our new offices are located on Worthing Main Road on the south coast of Barbados where we offer a full range of life and health insurance policies. We welcome our policyholders to ResLife where our qualified and competent Team will provide you with high quality service and an assurance that your insurance investments are managed with care and with your best interests in mind.

Dedicated Team

ResLife is fully committed to our core values of integrity, transparency and trustworthiness to achieve our mission of providing value and confidence for our customers.

Service Excellence

Our commitment to provide valuable services to our customers is a priority for ResLife’s team.

Affordable Insurance Products

We offer affordable insurance products to help you achieve financial security in the future.

With the New Life Investment Company as the main shareholder, ResLife was incorporated on 31 July 2015 and subsequently licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in Barbados as a life insurer. ResLife is also regulated by the FSC, the regulatory body responsible for supervising and regulating non-bank financial institutions in Barbados. To date, ResLife is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements for life insurance companies including:

* Paid up capital requirements

* Payment of statutory deposits

* Formulation of the statutory fund to cover the value of insurance liabilities

* Periodic financial reporting

* Anti-money laundering and compliance training of Directors, Officers and Employees

* In addition to their existing powers under local laws, the FSC will also have the authority to perform audit procedures on ResLife.

Senior Management Team

The ResLife Board of Directors and Senior Management comprise of a team with a wealth of experience as effective leaders in their respective fields.

About Us Cheryl Senhouse (Chief Executive Officer)
About Us NicĂ´le Layne (Information Technology Manager)
About Us Tamara Allman (Chief Human Resources Officer)
About Us Alan Broomes (Chief Financial Officer)
About Us Michael Lucas (Manager - Insurance Operations)

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